We Take On Giants

We Take On Giants


After a long journey, loads of blood tests, examinations and, to be honest, long delays in between, Christian friends raised enough money for me to have an operation to remove my prostate under private medical treatment. By the time I had the operation on 3rd September 2015, the cancer had spread, but through the expertise and skill of my consultant, he was able to remove the alien invasion, and although I now have to be monitored every three months, at the time of writing, I am ‘cancer free.” This is nothing short of a miracle.

While all this was going on, I was searching around for a worship song that would be appropriate for a preach I was doing. I searched high and low, looked in all the usual places for worship song resources – nothing. Then, one night God spoke to me. “What’s wrong with you? Just write one!” So I got up around 5.00am and by 7.00pm the song was virtually finished.

Although I have recorded many albums in my musical “career”, they are all contemporary rock albums. I have never attempted to write worship songs. I think one of the reasons I have avoided this “genre” is because I see so much commercialism in the Christian worship music scene and a lot of money is floating around with royalty payments and concert performances. I know that the labourer is worthy of his pay, but I just feel this area of Christian ministry has got a little out of hand. I know other worship leaders who feel the same.

However, I was so inspired, through my own life experiences to get writing, that within a few weeks of my God “wake up call”, I had written ten songs and now use many of them in my own church.

So I am now recording an album with the title track, “We Take On Giants” . Visit my Shop page for more details.


We Take On Giants; This Is Where Your Glory Shines; Mighty, Glorious Lord; Let The Fire Fall!; Open Heaven; Saving God; The Lord Is My Light; The Lord Your God Is With You; You Are The Lord… and more.

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