Steve’s Concert Set

Keys: Malcolm Heeley
Bass: Clive Waylands
Percussion: Steve Sutherland
Backing Vox: Kay and Di
Me: Guitar and vocals

I am so grateful for your help with my concert on 29th September. Thank you.

I recorded over 100 songs, so I’m trying to choose songs that tell a story – the title of the concert the church in Quainton have asked me to do is: “My Life In Song” – a bit twee – but hey ho! Should be fun.

These are the album tracks from various albums, but I’m not wanting to reproduce the full band sound. I’m going for a much more acoustic feel, with percussion rather than full drum kit and a more laid back approach. Some of the tracks like “Close to You” have a much more bluesy feel when played acoustically and a much less regimented bass line! Same also for Fighting Back, War of Words.

Have a listen – you can download tracks by left clicking and saving to a file on your computer or just left click and have a listen.

It would be a good plan to meet fairly soon so I can play you the songs – would a mid week evening be OK? A Monday, Tuesday or Thursday is good for me. Maybe we could meet in Quainton and then have a pint at the George??

  1. Fighting Back
  2. Close To You
  3. Freefall
  4. Friendly With The Russians
  5. Living On The Edge Of A Dream
  6. Hit And Run
  7. Video Boom
  8. Landslide
  9. Life Is A Take Away
  10. Sosua Beach
  11. Fire!
  12. Private Life
  13. Robot Bomb
  14. The Picture’s Not Complete
  15. War Of Words
  16. Only A Heartbeat Away
  17. Heavy Heart