Cancer focuses the mind!

Cancer focuses the mind!

Following my fight with cancer in 2015, my creativity started to emerge from the big black hole I found myself in for some years. I was a prolific song writer in the early years of my music ministry, releasing one album every two years at one stage. When I was touring as a professional musician, I was performing around a 100 concerts a year. My book writing had stalled after writing two fantasy fiction books for children, an allegory of the Gospel, the third one of the trilogy stayed in my head for ten years or more!

Cancer tends to focus the mind!

Having to take a rest after my cancer operation, my creativity was finally kick started, and I wrote the third book in the trilogy. Now they are published. At the time of my diagnoses, I wrote a number of worship songs around the title track of, “We Take On Giants!” – I had my own giant to face. After reviewing my back catalogue of albums and songs, I then released a double CD compilation album of all my favourite tracks – 35 tracks in all. The end result, Musicology, which is now available to purchase alongside my children’s books, “The Rainchild Trilogy”, and MP3 download versions of my previous albums.

We all go through times when our creativity is squashed by life. Sometimes it takes a crisis to kick start those creative juices. My creative journey started when I was 16 years old. My brother gave me a beaten up old guitar and I’ve been strumming ever since. I have five guitars now and need them all, of course! A Fender Strat, a Yamaha Semi-Solid Jazz Guitar and a Yamaha APX acoustic. I also have an Ovation Classical Guitar and my favourite of all – an Ovation Balladeer.

Song writing – still exploring and producing

I also play around with my faithful (and elderly) keyboard, a Korg O1W. Sounds are still classic and I have used this keyboard for most of my song writing over the years. Of course, these days I am enjoying being a Vicar and looking after two village churches. However, I still get my guitar out, lead worship and run a local, 40 strong community choir. And recording? Well in the days when I traveled extensively I recorded my albums in some great studios – Cloud 9 in Hambledon, Chapel Lane in Hereford, Channel 5 in Beckenham, Quantise Studios and the Doghouse, Guildford and the famous, ICC Studios in Eastbourne.

These days I use a laptop studio, Adobe Audition and Garageband on my Mac. High quality digital recording has come a long way.

My aim in all of this is to switch on a few lights and punch holes in the darkness.

“Musicology” 2 CD Compilation, is now available as a limited edition right here: Musicology

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