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Fighting Back


Fighting Back was released in conjunction with Steve’s last tour in India. He brought together friends and family and formed his backing band Warrior, who also feature on this album. It’s all about “making waves”, “stirring hearts”, “fighting back!”. Steve’s passion for the needs of people in some of the poorest areas of the world comes through in his song writing.


Format: MP3 Digital Download


  1. Celebrate The Day!
  2. See How The Mighty Fall!
  3. Fighting Back!
  4. Planet Hollywood
  5. Totally Disconnected
  6. Turn Around & Face The Music
  7. War Of Words (Ricochet)
  8. Only A Heartbeat Away
  9. Friendly With The Russians
  10. All I Want Is You
  11. Heavy Heart
  12. Warrior Of Love!

Line Up:

Guitar & Lead Vocals: Steve Flashman
Lead Guitar: John Russell
Bass Guitar & Spanish Guitar: Geoff Hayden
Keyboards: Tim Smith
Drums & Percussion: Mark Green
Backing Vocals: Andi Green, Suzi Jarvis, Mandy Wells, Sarah Jackson
Technicians: Richard Baker, Owen Sims
Videotec: Richard Bingham
All songs written and arranged by Steve Flashman
Design: Paul Higgins, D’art Design
Produced & Engineered by John Russell & Dave Hyde
Recorded at The Doghouse Studios, Guildford, Surrey, May 1997


“The notes from Soapbox Music describe this album as ‘a statement of intent to take on the powers of darkness in a lost and fallen world, born out of Steve’s work through Soapbox Expeditions which specialises in taking people of all ages to make a difference in some of the poorest areas of the world.’ A great strength of this album, Steve’s ninth, is his collaboration with the newly formed Warrior, a blend of four experienced musicians and four female backing vocalists. Steve is an innovative and thoughtful songwriter and arranger whose themes bring home the message with a freshness and infectiousness in each song. The 56 mins begin with two in-your-face celebration and praise tracks, then the title track has similar structure to Heartbeat’s “Voice To The Nation” from 11 years ago, exhorting action: “How long will we turn a blind eye in this land?” Two dance tracks,  “Planet Holly wood” and “Totally Disconnected” follow, without missing out on strong lyrical content. On “Friendly With The Russians” there’s a simplicity in the point: “Love is the key that will set you free/To be all that you’re meant to be.” As a pop album with varied Style, this is outstanding. Among the things I like is the contribution of the four backing vocalists. The strength of their harmony shows particularly in the chorus of the simplest song on the album, “All I Want Is You” and in the reprise of the final song “Warrior Of Love”, which continues, “Fighting for your heart/Challenging resistance, giving a new start/Causing walls to crumble, giants start lo fall/Fear Flies out in terror at the Warrior’s call.” If the band can produce something like this sound at live concerts, they’ll be well worth seeing.”

Alan Chesters, Cross Rhythms