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Who Is Steve Flashman?

Team Vicar, Holy Cross & St Mary’s, Quainton and All Saints, Oving with Pitchcott.

In October 2016, Steve was appointed Team Vicar in three beautiful rural parishes near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. His wife Sarah, who is also ordained in the Anglican Church, is studying at Oxford University through Wycliffe Hall, and travels in to Oxford each day from the Rectory, in Quainton where they live. It’s a new, faith stretching challenge for them both, as they explore what God has in store for them and the wonderful people in the communities around them.

Steve brings to this new ministry a few decades of experience in a variety of fields!


Singer, songwriter, recording artist, author, TV & Radio presenter – and vicar!

Steve Flashman is a singer, songwriter and recording artist, writing and recording over 100 songs on 10 albums. He has also worked in media as a radio and television presenter, performing on ITV and the BBC in England as well as TV Stations across Europe. As an author, he has published several books including “The Theft Of The Purple Plug”, “Carnival To The Aquadome” and “Return Of The Rainchild,” – fantasy fiction books for young adults. His resource book for youth pastors, “Closing The Gap”, was published by Kingsway Publications, and came out of his experience of being a Youth Pastor at Millmead Baptist in Guildford, back in the 80’s. See our “Shop” page for details of albums and books that are currently available.

He brings a variety of life experiences into his creative writing.

Steve is ordained in the Anglican Church, but he started out as a Baptist, completing four years theological training at Spurgeon’s Theological College in London, England. After serving as a Baptist Pastor in Ashford, Kent, he travelled the world as a Singer/Songwriter, Author, TV and Radio Presenter and Preacher. He has performed in hundreds of venues across the world, from the Streets of San Francisco, to the slums of Calcutta; Wembley Arena in London, England (the home of English football) to schools, prisons and clubs around Europe; The Marquee Club in Soho, where some of the most famous bands in the world have performed, to the Barrios of South America; the Killing Fields of Cambodia to the Kibera Slum in Nairobi; the Royal Albert Hall in London, England to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The main focus of his music “ministry” was in “grass roots” ministry – schools, colleges, universities, pubs, clubs and prisons – often speaking and performing to hundreds of people every week. At the height of his music ministry he performed 100 concerts a year all over the UK, Europe and around the world.

Charity Work In Some Of The Poorest Locations On Earth.

He was Founder and International Director of Soapbox Expeditions, which became one of the biggest Short Term Service Agencies in Europe, taking 300 people a year on practical aid and mission projects to some of the poorest locations on earth. Volunteer teams built clinics, school classrooms and feeding centres and worked with street kids living in desperate conditions. More recently he was UK Managing Director of Emmanuel International, again involved with mission work in many parts of the world.

The Spiritual Heart

In 2010, together with his wife Sarah and the team from Immanuel Church, he was involved in the re-opening of a derelict church on a decommissioned National Health Service site at Graylingwell in Chichester on the south coast of England.  Steve and Sarah moved on from Immanuel Church, Graylingwell Chapel, in September 2016 to take up new positions near Oxford, as mentioned above. Immanuel Church continues to be a dynamic and growing community of people committed to serving God by serving others.

Community Choirs UK

Alongside his church work, Steve is the Founder and Director of Community Choirs UK. More details here: Community Choirs UK

“Lead guitars, production, engineering and more tasty embellishments – John Russell” says the sleeve and they sure are tasty. Catch the truly scorching guitar work on the opener “Decade” showing that the ex-After The Fire man isn’t ready for his zimmerframe yet. Steve is no slouch either. Despite many other irons in the fire as well as music – evangelism, books, radio -our hero can still write and sing hookey, pop-rock numbers and deliver them with aplomb. I particularly liked “Where Do I Begin” with almost a Lennon/McCartney lilt to the melody while his lyrics are always thought provoking. A man who may never sniff a Dove Award but deserves our recognition and thanks for his services to Britain’s Christian music scene``. Tony Cummings, Music Journalist

Steve Has Been Around!

Who Is Steve Flashman?


Steve Flashman

Steve has written and recorded well over 100 contemporary rock songs on 10 Albums. Many of them are available on this site. He started recording in 1979 on vinyl! Now it’s all coming back, with one of Steve’s albums currently selling on Ebay for £19.00 as a “collector’s item”! It’s now 2016, and steve is still recording songs for his community choirs plus his first worship album, “We Take On Giants!” which is due for release in the autumn. In addition to that, Steve has put a collection of his songs (39 of them) on a double album, released Easter 2016. “Musicology” includes previous unreleased tracks, two acoustic versions of his worship songs, “We Take On Giants” and “Let The Fire Fall!” plus the 7″ single versions of Private Life and Video Boom. See his SHOP on this website.


The Rainchild Trilogy

Steve’s fantasy fiction book for 8 to 12 year olds – “The Theft Of The Purple Plug” – was published by Kingsway in 1990. Now Steve has re-written the story and added the next two books to complete the trilogy… “Carnival To The Aquadome” and “The Return Of The Rainchild” – available in paperback format Easter 2016. He has also written a number of other books including, “Closing The Gap”, “Rock Music – An Informed View” and two poetry books, “Spilling The Beans” and “A Stone’s Throw.” Visit Steve’s shop on this website for more details.

Founder & Director of Community Choirs UK

One Voice!

Steve is building on the success of his first choir, The New Community Choir, by taking the same model into other towns and cities, giving more people an opportunity to find their voice in a community setting.

“Community Choirs UK is not just about singing, although we do a lot of it! It’s about meeting people, finding new friends with a common interest, growing in confidence, finding a voice, caring for one another, performing songs we love to sing and raising money for charity.” Steve Flashman